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Running with Scissors Gives Us: Krotchy

I officially know what I’m getting for all of my coworkers, my loved ones, and my neighbors for Valentines Day.

Running with Scissors, developers of the video game Postal, have decided to sell something that is probably the end result of taking their name as a suggestion.

Game Developer Running With Scissors Krotchy Doll

Who wants to buy a nut sack?

This wonderfully plush specimen of marketing genius is available on their website for $10.00. I mean come on, how could you not want to  just rush right to their store and buy one or two just for fun. Imagine the look of glee on your loved ones face as they open an 8 inch plush nut sack. Don’t you want to put the happiness in their eyes?

This takes video game companies condoning sex to a whole new level. They aren’t making a game with sex in it…they are selling part of a sex organ (speaking of: where’s the rest of the plus manhood?).

In case you’re actually wondering, you can buy the plush flesh nuggets here on Running with Scissors’ website

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