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Dragon Age: Origins – Alistair Has a Secret Crush on Morrigan

We all know by now that one of our favorite games is, without a doubt, Dragon Age: Origins.  Amazingly complex, deep characters abound in this RPG, making it a thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable journey for players.  And these deep characters might be even more complex than we first thought.  Let me just throw this out there –

Alistair has a secret crush on Morrigan.

Alistair & Morrigan

Steamy stolen glances between Alistair & Morrigan

Okay, so this one is pretty obvious – but might be hotly debated.  And honestly, I’m in the same boat.  I would be the first to say Alistair is completely in love with my character – and my character only.  Morrigan is further from his mind than north is to south.  But I’m here to play devil’s advocate.  So as much as I want to deny it, based on my full-on love for Alistair, but I can’t help seeing how this could be true.

Let’s start with the more general evidence.  Alistair and Morrigan are constantly bickering, with Morrigan heavily teasing Alistair.  This sort of behavior is akin to the playground mentality of hitting the girl you actually like.  (…except it’s Morrigan doing the beating on Alistair)  This bickering is what we call sexual tension.  You can practically create lightning from the electricity flowing between them.

In fact, I’m half convinced that’s how Morrigan has any powers at all.

Secondly, the dark ritual.  UGH.  I think all the female gamers shudder at the mere utterance of that phrase.  So, would any guy who truly had saved himself for his first time to be with someone he really loved agree to this?  Um, no.  “Raised in the Chantry”, he says…it ‘goes against his morals’ to tent without him knowing it’s true love.  Trying to get him in the sack with you is time-consuming.  You practically have to beg this guy to do it with you.  You have to gently work him up to the idea.  And yet, it takes all of one minute to convince him to sleep with Morrigan.  Granted, this act saves your life and his, but still.  Recall that he supposedly ‘loathes’ this woman.  Yet you basically just have to ask him please and he’s prancing into the room with Morrigan, kicking you out and locking the door.  Yes, he argues a little to save face and make himself look good, but he practically drooling at the thought.

The fact that the dark ritual is NEVER discussed afterwards between your character and Alistair is also incredibly suspicious.  I’ve touched on this before (in my letter to BioWare, I got a little sidetracking with horrible memories of the dark ritual event), but I need to say it again.  Wouldn’t Alistair say something to reassure you that being with Morrigan was awful, he hated it, he never wants to see her again, etc., etc.?  But no, there’s none of that.  Never even mentioned in passing.  Which brings me to my next point.

Any real female is going to ask about it.  There’s no way she wouldn’t – unless she already knows the truth.  The female playable character actually already knows the truth, which is that Alistair has a crush on Morrigan.  She doesn’t ask because she can’t bear to hear Alistair say that he loved every minute of being with Morrigan.  She’d rather go on without that acknowledgment.  Like the army says – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Your character also hints at realizing the truth in the conversation with Alistair to ‘convince’ him to sleep with Morrigan.  One of the options for you to respond is to say “Your wildest dreams have come true: sex with Morrigan”.  Why would this even be an option unless there was some slight truth in this?!

Sad Alistair

Alistair's probably wishing you were Morrigan

And finally, at the very end of the game, Alistair asks about Morrigan leaving.  When he’s speaking, you can hear a touch of longing in his voice.  He’s sad to see her go, and this is a reflection of his sorrow.  “Oh, Morrigan and I just had sex…and I might love her…and she just ran off with my baby…do you think I’ll – I mean we – will ever see her again?”

Honestly, I hate thinking of this as a possibility.  I want Alistair to be 100% devoted to my character.  I think I’ll just try to forget that I ever wrote this…

By the way – BioWare, I never heard back about the life sized, anatomically correct, preferrably talking statue of Alistair, or the DVD of new Alistair scenes.  Do I need to send you my address first?  Thanks.  Still kisses to all of you BioWare-ians.


  1. March 2, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    Although I didn’t have the same problem with the dark ritual since I was playing a male character, but I do remember several times feeling as though Alistair was jealous of my male Warden since Morrigan was my romance option. Especially since there was so much teasing going on, and really, even though Morrigan taunts Alistair pretty heavily, a lot of it seems playful… she doesn’t really dig into topics that would cause Alistair serious emotional distress, like mentioning Duncan. Instead, it’s more flirty things about Alistair being an idiot and the like, which he’s more than willing to dish right back.

    So, I guess what I’m saying is that even from the male Warden perspective, I agree that there was a moment where I felt like maybe Alistair was eying my Witch of the Wilds a little too closely. All of which just goes to show how awesome and deep these characters really are!

  2. March 4, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    I thought there was something going on there too. Alistair became very flustered when my male warden asked if he was jealous. He was very reluctant to go anywhere near my female warden’s tent, and she gave up on him. But during the cut scene of the dark ritual, he seemed to be more than willing. He was smiling, as if he was relieved to have an excuse to get it on with Morrigan at last, rather than just enduring the sex.

  3. March 28, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    I’m glad I found another gamer chick that feels the same way I do! lol

    I totally loved Alistair & Duncan. Next favorites would be Sten, Shale, Zevran, Leliana, my war dog Rufus, & Oghren. I didn’t care for Wynne & as for Morrigan she started out cool until she sleeps w/ ur man! lol

    I love this game & Awakenings was also good. (My 1st play through I was a female elf mage): Little did I know that they were such pariahs! I still had so much fun playing, I’m addicted to this game! 🙂

    Romancing Alistair you have to pick to sacrifice yourself, sacrifice him or let him have a demon spawn w/ Morrigan on the eve of the big battle that’s sure to come to haunt you later. If you pick Logain to be a Warden then Alistair flips a s**t & you have no chance to even talk him into staying w/ the party. If you make Alistair king & you are an elf he casts you aside like nothing. Where’s my happily ever after, Bioware?! 😉

    After beating the Archdemon I expected to actually see a parade! Plus they needed further contact w/ your party members afterwards. You just saved the world from a blight, don’t you deserve to find the nearest tavern & get ‘stupid’?! ;P

    **Awakenings Spoilers**
    As for Awakenings I felt it was rushed. Please don’t get me wrong it was a good expansion I just hoped for more.

    pros: The quests are plenty, great new characters, the party banter is awesome & the loot drops more than make up for crappy loot in Origins.

    cons: You can’t develop/interact w/ any of your new team members like you did in Origins. In Origins it was easy to be emotionally vested in your team but I didn’t get that from Awakenings, your old team mates don’t exist save for Oghren & Wynne (the last 2 I’d have picked to return), and again w/ the ending. It’s just like ok you did it…the end..plus I don’t feel as it answered all the questions about the mother, the dark spawn split, architect & etc. Another thing that irked me was the fact you couldn’t still play after you beat the mother. They made it so in Mass Efffect 2 so why not in DA?

    Oghren: So. With the boss, aye?
    Alistair: Pardon?
    Oghren: You and the boss. Rolling your oats.
    Alistair: I don’t know–
    Oghren: Polishing the footstones.
    Alistair: –what you’re–
    Oghren: Tapping the midnight still, if you will.
    Alistair: what are you going on about?
    Oghren: Forging the moaning statue. Bucking the forbidden horse. Donning the velvet hat.
    Alistair: Are you just making these up right now?
    Oghren: Nope. Been saving ‘em.

    Credit goes to: http://carocat.co.uk/2009/11/29/dragon-age-alistair/

  4. Luna
    April 7, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    a question: how did you convinced Alistair in doing it?? I’m failing so hard… guess it’s my jealous side of the virtual world… but serious, how?

    • April 12, 2010 at 6:48 pm

      I had the same damn problem. He’s just so…timid. Kat helped me get the achievement by telling me to just be cheeky but not offensive, nice but don’t baby him, and just give him time.

      Morrigan you can get in the tent by the end of Lothering. Not a challenge at all.

    • kattiki
      April 13, 2010 at 7:29 am

      Luna, are you asking about how to tent Alistair (well worth the wait) or how to get him to agree to do the dark ritual? If the first, like Wadoobie mentioned, just try to be nice to him (never put him down or tell him to be a man, he hates that), and he sometimes likes when you joke right back with him. I’m actually working on a tenting guide for Alistair! 🙂

      Regarding the dark ritual, basically anything you say will end up with him agreeing. Just try to break it to him gently, but don’t make it sound like you’re requiring him to do it.

      Happy tenting!

  5. marie
    April 10, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Y’all, Alister just needs to be treated like a gentleman. Take it slow and real, like you would in real life, with a neglected prince with a heart of gold. After easing him into it, he was all on me. I must’ve broke records on the number of tent trips and pdas. (my instigation–I’m just that kind of she-elf 😉 And so, when ritual time came, i wasn’t concerned about him getting into Morrigan. Mostly because the look on his face as she saunters up to him on the bed was nothing but uneasy fear. And she’s smiling real big!

    So, in my experience, it’s Morrigan who has the crush on Alistair. I once overheard Zevran talking to Alistair. Alistair says something sassy and Zevran says somethin like “that cynicism will serve you. Morrigan said you were sharp…” After all those times she called him a idiot, look what she says behind my back!

    Um Hm…

  6. marie
    April 10, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Oh yeah, one more thing that helped me with Morrigan & the ritual–she leaves and Alistair stays with me. So since she’s out of the picture the day after, Alistair and I live happily ever after together AND he lost his virginity to me, I figure what’s the threat? The guy’s due one night out. I mean, I didn’t assume I arrived in Ostagar untouched, so to speak. I figure, if I’ve come up through the Alienage, I’ve lived and breathed. Lived and breathed! So why deny this with Morrigan when it’ll save both our lives? And he’s willing? Besides, back in another conversation, when I asked him where the relationship was going, he says he wouldn’t give me up, he’d find a way for us to stay together no matter if he was king or what. So why worry?

  7. May
    April 28, 2010 at 11:23 am

    Don’t worry dear- I felt the same way! Won’t say too much in case people haven’t finished, but it does seem if you play a female warden and decide to romance Alistair (and really who wouldn’t?) you do get the short end of the stick. Extra sucky too if you’re not human…

  1. April 13, 2010 at 8:02 am

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