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Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening: Anders the A**hole

Thanks to one of our readers, I took the leap.  I did it.  I started Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening.  Remember how scared I was to start, thinking based off Wadoobie’s experience, Alistair would be distant and unfeeling towards me?  Well, he wasn’t.  All I have to say is, it made me want to run right back to court to get with him.  Thanks, Asperity!

Awakening has me remembering everything I loved about Origins.  Although I’m a little disappointed with the lack of being able to interact with party members when you walk up to them.  That bothers me.  A lot.  So now I have to run around looking for statues and casks and portraits to click on?


Anders, you're NOT Alistair. Stop trying.

Speaking of those characters, what is up with Anders?   I suppose he was meant to be sort of an Alistair replacement, with the similar-colored hair, the accent, the somewhat sarcastic attitude.  Even his name, Anders, is similar to Alistair.  But let me just point out one thing clearly.  ANDERS. IS. NOT. ALISTAIR.

First of all, what is up with Anders’ womanizing-type attitude?  He seems to want to get with anything female that moves – or even females that don’t; case in point: the Andraste statue – yet I haven’t seen him make a move.  Nor have I heard about any of his fabulous womanizing adventures like I did with Zevran.  But again, it’s not like I’ve been able to talk to Anders much.

And furthering that point, WTF?!  Am I, the hero of Fereldan, the slayer of the Archdemon, a human noble Leliana look-alike, QUEEN, not good enough for him?  While he has commented on every other female likeness or body around, he hasn’t said anything at all to me.

Avaline Take 2

Avaline still isn't Leliana. And I still think she's hotter.

Granted, Alistair did make it clear while Anders was nearby that we were together.  He kissed me goodbye.  I think that might have thrown Anders off a bit.

But still!  He could have said something before he knew all that!  But noooooo, nothing.  I guess BioWare is just making it clear that they’re not having any tenting this round.  …and that makes us at Polish the Console very, very sad.

Secondly, yes, the kitten (Ser Pounce-A-Lot) is adorable.  I love cats!  But isn’t it kinda weird that Anders’ only company while locked up in the Circle Tower was a cat?!  And the way he talks to the cat while you’re adventuring…is, to quote Alistair, “a little creepy, that”.

And…*shudder* the gold earring.  Anders, sorry, but you’re not a pirate.  Get that earring out.  That’s disturbing.  Only pirates should wear a single gold hoop, a low ponytail, and fur.  Except…wait, I forgot that Duncan has a very similar appearance.  Eh, Duncan gets a pass because he’s so badass.  And he’s not wearing fur.

Finally, if freaking Jowan can escape the Circle Tower, Anders should be able to.  If he’s worth his mana, that is.  Come on.  For shame, Anders, for shame.

I get the feeling that Anders is really all talk and no game.  Particularly when he has a super hot babe who stopped the Archdemon running around and fighting with him.  Therefore, Anders appears to be an a**hole.

Ah, well, I suppose it’s better than being introduced as a major character, only to die in the first hour of gameplay.  *ahem, ahem* Mhairi *ahem*


  1. Kallian
    April 22, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    You got a kiss and everything? So jealous.

    Alistair and I were totally BFFs; I talked him into marrying Anora (which turns out surprisingly happily for the two once they get to know each other, apparently). I got a nice arm-punching sort of reunion with Alistair, which is all I expected. However, I didn’t even get so much as a NOTE explaining where the heck my sweet Zevran, who redevoted himself to training Grey Wardens with me at the end of my Origins, had disappeared to. A NOTE at least! (Yes, I’m a girl and I lurve Zevran. He’s misunderstood. I could write a thesis on why.)

    I’m taking “Awakening” as a side story, and waiting for my story to continue in a “real” sequel. As an expansion, it’s entertaining enough, I enjoyed the gameplay and the new talents. But with one exception, I *hate* the new characters, and soon found myself simply referring to them as Overcompensating Mage, Emo Rogue, Malcolm Elf…they all seem like hastily written stereotypes with no substance.

    Anyway. Just recently discovered your blog, and tickled to find another gal out there obsessed with Bioware games and their delightful boyfriends.

    P.S. Anders flirted several times with me, and I even had the option to flirt back (eww), so maybe seeing you swapping spit with the king *does* discourage him from trying. 🙂

  2. Asperity
    April 25, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    Glad alternate-universe Alistair remembers his alternate-universe spouse! In one of the convos with Anders, he refers to Alistair as “the old ball and chain.” Since that makes him pretty much the only character (other than Alistair at the beginning of the game) to note my status as Queen of Ferelden (booyah), I’m willing to let most of his annoying habits slide. Also, I love Ser Pounce-a-Lot.

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