About Us

Who are we?

As you may have guessed Wadoobie and Kat Tiki are not our real names. We are in fact a couple fans of BioWare who were brought together by seemingly endless discussions as to why Dragon Age was so much fun to play – all the while giving love to our boy Sandal – best damn enchanter ever.

Both of us have very different backgrounds, personality types, styles, thoughts, and lives. But video games did what they do best – they brought people together with a common passion and let us get to know one another. From here we learned what we already knew (video games are awesome) and learned that we weren’t the only ones who felt that way.

We decided to share.

What do we do?

Professionally we are marketers. Personally we are gamers. Our careers invariably led us to say “Lets make a website about it” in jest, but it snowballed, and we’re left with this burgeoning new site named Polish the Console.  *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

What’s the goal?

Really just an outlet of mirth and merriment. A way to enjoy, laugh about, experience, and engage video games on a whole new level.

…and hey, if BioWare decides to throw an offer on the table, who are we to refuse?

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