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Heavy Rain Review: Freezing Rain

March 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Heavy Rain PS3 Video Game ReviewAs my weekend drew to a close after the USA vs Canada hockey game it was finally time to start playing the full release of Heavy Rain. I had been anxiously awaiting this moment all weekend. It was finally time to play a game I had been waiting for since I saw the first released video.

Well as most of you know that wasn’t going to happen. Sunday night is when old model PS3’s shit the bed and mine was no exception. My glorious evening was cut short. I instead had to watch as giant inflatable beavers paraded across the closing ceremonies. Not really how I intended to spend my Sunday night, but who am I to complain about giant beavers.

Finally Monday night rolls around and it’s time. The Playstation Network is back up and running and so am I. An endearing and touching tutorial combined with beautiful graphics makes for a simply wonderful introduction to Heavy Rain. Even in opening credits look wonderful. I actually do not mind watching them. For a guy with ADHD that’s saying something.

Suddenly, Heavy Rain freezes. What? What the hell? Freezes? Okay, no biggie, maybe I got something on the disk. Turned the system off, pulled the disk out, checked it. Nope, spotless. Put it back in tried again. Interacting with Shaun, aww…touching father son moment. Okay, time to put the kid to bed. Why did everything stop moving? You gotta be kidding me. Heavy Rain freezes…again.

Okay this is getting ridiculous. Let’s try this again. Reload, luckily I didn’t lose too much of my game, only three or four minutes. Okay, put the son to bed. What happened…things are getting mysterious and now I’m hooked. What’s next?

Madison Page PS3 In Game Heavy RainOkay demo levels, I got this shiz down. Now that those are done we can…wait…loading screen stopped moving. W…T…F. This is three. I haven’t even been playing the Heavy Rain for an hour and it keeps freezing. Okay, one more try.

It’s been an hour and the game is kicking ass and taking names. I am 100% engrossed in the game and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Madison Page introduction. Okay she’s an insomniac, shower scene, level done, Heavy Rain freezes again. Okay that’s it I’ve had enough time for bed.

Heavy Rain: Review Summary

Heavy Rain is an absolute beauty of a game – if you can keep it working. The gameplay is a tremendous break from what I’m used to. It’s something different which may be the reason most reviewers are going ga-ga over it. However the story is actually compelling. It’s engaging, the characters are believable, and there is sincere substance to the game.

However the simple fact that it freezes so frequently will snap any gamer right back into reality. This is something that absolutely needs to be fixed. You may be asking yourself “Should I buy Heavy Rain?” If you aren’t one of the 500,000 people that already have it then don’t get it yet. Wait for a fix for the freezing to come out.

I have to give the game 4 out of 5. This is based solely on the fact that it keeps freezing.

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The rub of it all is that when the Heavy Rain freezing fix comes out it will probably be with a fix for seeing Madison Page in the nude. (thank you Kotaku)