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Dragon Age: Origins – Mistaken Identity or Just Hot Twins?

February 12, 2010 1 comment

I take pride – I mean, real, ‘goeth-before-a-fall’ pride – in creating characters that I’ll be playing as for the next 50+ hours .  Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like looking at hot avatars?  I try to make my characters sexy and attractive, so I’ll enjoy watching cut scenes with my character throughout the game.

It can be a lengthy process.  Sometimes it takes me longer to create my character than it does to play through the intro.  Yeah, I’m that obsessed.

I was pretty content with Avaline, my human noble rogue (”noble rogue”…is that an oxymoron?) character for Dragon Age: Origins.  Check out a screencap of her below (by the way, I’m taking pictures of my TV with my cell phone, so the quality might not be the best).

Now, if you’ve played Dragon Age, you know there’s a character in this game named Leliana.  You first meet Leliana in Lothering, if you go into the tavern Dane’s Refuge.  Some of Loghain’s soldiers are there and want to fight you, and suddenly Leliana pops up and wants to help, and then wants to join.

Leliana, the human rogue.

Leliana, the red-haired woman.

Leliana, the red-haired woman who has almost the exact same hairstyle as my character.

Needless to say, when Leliana first appeared on the screen, my mouth dropped open at her almost identical appearance to Avaline.

So you can see how I might be upset.  After spending so long on making my character, I find out I have a companion who is basically my twin.

…but if Leliana is my character’s twin, then Avaline is definitely the hotter one.

At least I think so.  I might be biased.  Compare the two pictures below – Avaline is on the left and Leliana is on the right.  Now let’s take a vote.  Who’s hotter?


Dragon Age: Origins Characters Avaline and Leliana

Dragon Age: Origins Characters Avaline (left) and Leliana (right)