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Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening: New Character Velanna

February 11, 2010 3 comments

BioWare has recently released another new character for Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. Velanna is an angry Dalish Elf Mage who has the ability to bring trees to life. I can’t b

So the expansion pack for Dragon Age: Origins has us positively giddy with excitement. As you may have guessed from…well…everything so far, we have a “thing” for Bioware. When they announced an expansion for Dragon Age: Origins we pretty much squealed with delight.


With a little squeak thrown in for measure.

This meant to us that we would once more be pitting ourselves against the darkspawn to rid the land of….the taint. Lets be honest, who really wants a taint everywhere they look?

They have been slowly releasing new character information and we have here Velanna:

This video fails to provide me with the information that I am really interested in; can I tent her? Now I know that fails to appreciate the work that was done in creating the “person” that is Velanna, but come on, I want to know.

In Dragon Age, half the fun of the game is the building of relationships, romances, and friendships. That’s ultimately what gets a player hooked. The camp is a pure delight and the rampant flirting is both comical and intriguing. In a day where the balance of power in the world rests on the top of a sword, the reflection of that can easily be seen in the relationships between compatriots. Should the main character say the wrong thing they can lose all they have worked to build.

It brings back every emotion that stirred in me when I met my soon to be wife. Is it too soon to say this? Will she get offended and slap me? Will she laugh, or even know it’s a joke? I wonder what she’s going to say? Oh boy I can’t wait to talk to her.

But they have yet to let us know if Velanna is going to be one of these exciting and enticing trysts or simply a party member.

But what does this video tell us about Velanna:

  1. Velanna has (or had) as sister
  2. Velanna can make trees come to life
    1. I know who’s gathering firewood!
  3. Velanna is kind of bat-shiz crazy
  4. Velanna will attack anyone to protect or exact vengeance for perceived wrongdoing
  5. Velanna is an Elf Mage
    1. Presumably Dalish
    2. No face tattoo
      1. Makes her more appealing to tenting
  6. Velanna is just plain angry.
  7. Velanna has the same hair stylist as Morrigan.

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening isn’t out until March 16th and I’m already hooked…and not just for the tenting.