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Virtual Reality Video Games: Population Control

February 17, 2010 1 comment

To feed off Wadoobie’s last post about 3D Gaming, I’d like to take the evolution of gaming in the future one step further: virtual reality gaming.  With the latest technology becoming more and more powerful (Google Earth, anyone?  Or how about that story of the Dan Woolley who was buried in rubble in Haiti who used his iPhone to treat wounds and stay alive?)  I’m starting to believe that virtual reality gaming really isn’t so far off.

And I’m incredibly excited for it.

…but should I be?

Virtual Reality Helmet

Isn't this part of the Big Daddy suit from BioShock?

Imagine the future advanced world of virtual reality gaming.  Step into a room, or put on some glasses, and you’re instantly transported to a unique, breathtaking world all around you.  Imagine Final Fantasy; how it would be if you were there, and could interact with – touch, smell, FEEL – this world.  Virtual reality would absolutely revolutionize the world of gaming.  People who wouldn’t usually be drawn to gaming would at least give it a try, and more than likely would be enraptured by it.

Picture then what might happen to those of us who already love gaming.

Personally, I think it would be like a drug.  We’d be itching to get our next ‘fix’, we’d lose track of time, we’d start missing work.

We’d end up like  Zhang who died from a 7 day gaming session.  Or the South Korean who forgot to eat and sleep while gaming.

I can honestly say that if Virtual Reality Gaming became, well, a reality, I would go into my gaming world and probably wouldn’t come out.  I wouldn’t want to leave if I could enter and play a game like Dragon Age: Origins in virtual reality.  Um, hello…touchable, kiss-able, romance-able Alistair?  Yes.  More of that, please.

On that note, would you be able to feel pleasure and pain in the games?  I’m not sure I want to actually feel a blade cutting my ribs, or a punch on my jaw.  Or…death.  But I definitely want to feel the ‘romance’ scenes.

What do you envision for virtual reality gaming?  Will you be able to ‘feel’ in game, like feeling the wind whip over you as you gallop on your chocobo across the plains?  Will you be able to touch and determine the texture of a tree, or feel sweat running down your back, or taste the coppery, bitter blood of an enemy you just splattered?  Will the ‘romance’ and ‘tenting’ situations become more involved, showing a whole lot more and will you be able to experience it?  And in that case, will some games be reduced to smutty sex simulators?

And since virtual reality games sound way more fun that real life, will virtual reality gaming become an unexpected population controller?